Ilya Smurov

Russia, Saint-Petersburg
skype: ilya.smurov

While someone participates in conferences, makes assessments and tests usability, I study human's behaviour and try to implement my potential. I'm not eloquent, because all my life i've been studying technology, design and sleeping-control, but, unfourtunately, i did not succeed in the latter. :)

I've got my working experience as a master in development and design. Nowadays, understanding the principles of development, I design interfaces, develop applications' functional logics, based on my own sensations, experience, trends and customers' feedback.

Developer — (august 2015 — december 2015)

Development of SPA (native js, jquery, mustache)
Participation in the development of the backend server (api, socket) python (tornado)

Designer — DevPocket (september 2014 — july 2015)

Design of mobile applications (ios, android, tablets)
Design and development of a website, branding.

Designer & Front-End Developer — LLC StarLine (august 2012 — march 2014)

Development of internal resources of the company and participate in the development of new projects

UX Designer, front-end developer — RTIT (october 2010 — may 2012)

Lead interface designer, graphic designer, back-end developer(web), front-end developer. Site RTIT( development, web-interface of desktop application (javascript,jquery,html), logotypes, icons, etc.

UX Designer — Mobile Payment Systems (September 2008 — June 2009)

Participation in development of Web payment services of the brands:, Beeline, Sky Link, TELE2, Yota, Unistream, etc. The main directions: payments via mobile phones, credit cards and money transfers.

Designer, Web-developer — Graflandia (August 2007 — March 2008)

Animation and 3D graphic's company. Websites and logotypes for different customers development. Made a couple of major projects.

Designer — Kam4atka boardshop (October 2006 — May 2007)

Total re-branding, company's site and all polygraphic materials development.

Designer — UNiKOM-advertisment (March 2005 — September 2005)

Advertisment's design, vector graphics. Work with brands VOLVO, LUKOIL, etc.


A combination of illustrator and Photoshop. Previously used Corel Draw.

Front-end development

CSS3, SASS, LESS, HTML5, JavaScript, JQuery, XML/XSLT. In-browser design using some CSS tools and Firebug.

Back-end development

PHP, Python (Flask, Tornado), mysql, postgres, flash animation + action script

& Debian, Git, SVN, Apache, nginx, grunt, etc.


UX/UI, graphic design. Any web and mobile development.